A shop without windows, full of ideas, suggestions and advices: it's Mrs. Diana Molin's world, a world where you can enter with curiosity and glee and let your instincts guide you.

The shop, born more than twenty years ago in the refined heart of Treviso, has been Diana Molin's answer to her passion for innovative matches, mixes and combinations: “I've always liked to put a skirt togheter with a coat, a bag with a pair of trousers, and sometimes I had to travel a lot to find what I wanted, so I decided to create a space where people can discover new ideas and receive expert advice if they wish to find their own, personal style”.
Today the shop is a long path of colours and combinations, guided by the creative inspiration and innate ability of Diana Molin in choosing and selecting the most interesting ideas of several designers and trasforming them into a painting palette: it is a place where, stimulated by the variety of materials and colours of the clothes in display, you can discover your own originality.

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